COVID-19 has changed the way hospitals and clinics function. Many precautions are taken so as " />

Guidelines for expecting moms during pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way hospitals and clinics function. Many precautions are taken so as to provide the best facility without risking health workers or your life. However, Expecting moms and partners must have many queries. If the Coronavirus or the different functioning affect their birth experience and their new-born baby. Here are guidelines for expecting moms during pandemic.

Having a baby is most memorable and significant for any family. Moreover, pandemic brings unique set of challenges. The recent trend is thrilling that very limited illness in infants and children have been reported. Also, even if the mother and new-born get infected, they are easily fighting and coming out fine. However, This is extraordinary as viral and bacterial illness causes aggressive disease in young children.

Guidelines for expecting moms

1. Special health advice

Coronavirus is primarily spread through cough or sneeze. It is crucial to practice proper hygiene. It is suggested to avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth. Your mouth should be covered with arm while coughing and sneezing.  By following these measures, you are not only saving your child’s life but also, family’s and your life.

2. Maternity units

The maternity patients will be asked to screen for COVID-19. As they enter the hospital. If they are suspected of being infected, they will be immediately isolated. Mothers who are not exposed to COVID-19, their baby will be allowed to stay with them. Hence, reducing the risk of getting your baby infected.

3. Infected mom can breastfeed

There hasn’t been no evidence that Coronavirus is in breast milk. Therefore, if you are infected, you’ll be allowed to breastfeed with other safety norms.

4. Support partner- guidelines for expecting moms

A support partner is allowed during labour once they pass a screening for COVID-19. However, visitors won’t be allowed and it is suggested for them to stay at home.

5. Protecting infant after discharge

Limit the baby’s exposure to family and friends. It is beneficial for you and your child’s health if the relatives and friends don’t visit.

Pregnant ladies should not really worry about the process. Hospitals are taking proper care of everything. However, we suggest you to try to follow the basic norms as much as possible. Pregnancy is an important stage of life. What you eat has direct effect on your child, here is a list of super food for pregnant woman.

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