Effects of isolation on elder people

Loneliness increases the risk of obesity, smoking or increased consumption of alcohol. Pandemic has led to a life with lacking social interaction. Elder people are on much risk to fall into depression, hence, consuming substances which are not-so-helpful. Today I’ll share how isolation has been hampering elder people’s health.  Effects of isolation on elder people are vast.

The world is affected by COVID-19, elder people are on higher risk of getting infected. Government has laid down guidelines. Isolate elders due to increased risk of infection. However, loneliness and isolation are two different aspects which are merging. Isolation will definitely reduce the transmission and further minimizing the spread of the deadly virus. Frustration is on rise..

Moreover, the uncertainty of the lock-down and vaccine being discovered is terrifying people more.  Due to lock-down many countries are on verge to slip into recession and some have already been caught up. Having no money to losing jobs, what could be more petrifying. Anxiety is crippling, making lives miserable.

When a person is confined to a very small area, isolating himself/herself from family in middle of a financial crisis is what real psychological distress is. People with suicidal ideation are at much higher risk. Mortality rate increases as more than 60 lack people have been infected and 3 lakh people have lost their life.

We suggest you to keep yourself engaged with activities which interests you. Listen to music, learn a new skill, video call your family and friends. We all re together in this. To sum up, take care of your family, stay indoors and follow social distancing norms. Effects of isolation on elder people are vast. Here are guidelines for elders and young kids during the outbreak.

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