Pregnancy is very crucial for both the kid and mother. It is important to maintain a healthy d" />

Essential food items during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very crucial for both the kid and mother. It is important to maintain a healthy diet as baby’s primary source of nourishment is what the woman eats. However, during this period your body need additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Around 350-500 extra calories are required each day. A diet lacking nutrients can severely hamper the baby’s growth. Also, choose healthy, nutritious food as it will benefit you and your baby’s health. Here’s a list of essential food items during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is advised to increase the amount of folic acid, as it’s important to prevent birth defects and especially in baby’s brain.

Essential food items during pregnancy

1. Dairy products

Yoghurt is beneficial for pregnant women. It has huge amount of calcium as compared to other dairy products. The probiotic bacteria present in it makes digestion easy. Probiotic food during pregnancy reduced the risk of preeclampsia, vaginal infections and allergies.

2. Sweet potatoes

Vitamin A is known for the growth and differentiation of cells and tissues. Sweet potatoes have high amount of beta-carotene, a compound that is converted into vitamin A in body. It is also suggested to be consumed in moderation. Since, if eaten in excess can cause toxicity.

3. Eggs

The richest source of high-quality protein and fat is Egg. It contains around 77 calories and packs several vitamins and minerals. Egg contains choline which is crucial for brain development. An egg contains 113 mg of choline making is suitable for a pregnant woman.

4. Leafy vegetables

Broccoli and leafy green vegetables include fiber, vitamin C, K, A and calcium. Also, the fiber content present in vegetable will prevent constipation.

5. Dry fruits as essential food items during pregnancy

A piece of dry fruit includes the same amount of nutrients as that of a fresh fruit. The only difference is that dry fruit lack water. A serving of dry fruit can nourish body with vitamins and minerals. 

To sum up, these essential food items during pregnancy can nourish the body with the required nutrients. Also, we are middle of a pandemic and pregnant woman are at higher stake of risk, necessary precautions should be taken. Here’s a list of super foods one can generally consume to keep the body flourished.

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