The novel COVID-19 has shutdown industries, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants and offices" />

Work from home: Burning and blurry eye vision

The novel COVID-19 has shutdown industries, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants and offices. Work from home is the new trend. Working for long hours on screen can impair your eyesight. Computers can definitely make us productive. Although, computer vision syndrome is when you spend way too much time in front of it and you feel strain on your eyes. Not only it causes burning and blurry eye vision but gives a severe headache.

However, computer vision syndrome might not cause permanent eye damage but irritation, redness, dryness and neck pain tend to increase.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome- burning and blurry eye vision

1. Burning and blurry eye vision

At time the texts may start looking frizzy. Your eyes start burning. All you need to do is to take rest for few minutes to get rid of it.

2. Eye fatigue

It can lead to pain and discomfort around the eyes. Fatigue will act as a barrier when you’ll try to focus on something.

3. Redness

If the eyes are irritated, they will be scratchy at first. However, it will turn red and may even start to burn. This is the sign that your eyes are drying out.

4. Headache

Headache is pretty common while working on computer. Close your eyes for a while and take a short break before you return back to work.

5. Neck pain

Office ergonomics is crucial. You tend to adjust your body subconsciously in a poor position causing pain in neck, should and back.

Tips to get rid of burning and blurry eye vision

1. Blinking frequently

We are so engrossed in working that we forget to blink our eyes. Make sure you blink them frequently as looking at screen can dry your eyes out.

2. Take a break

Using the popular 20-20-20 rule, after every 20 minutes of work, take a 20-second break and look something which’s 20 feet away.

3. Check monitor’s position

The position of the monitor can cause a lot of trouble. Make sure your computer screen is played 15 degree below eye level.

4. Computer glasses- burning and blurry eye vision

If you work for 6-7 hours straight in front of computer, you should consider buying a pair of computer glasses. It optimizes your eyesight when you are looking at screens.

To conclude, these tips to get rid of CVS have been beneficial. However, computer eye strain is temporary and starts to leave as soon as you stop using the device. Keep lubricating your eyes with drops.   

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