Ergonomics in simple words mean designing a product to optimize it for human use in order to g" />

Office ergonomic hacks: Avoid fatigue

Ergonomics in simple words mean designing a product to optimize it for human use in order to get maximum efficiency. Today I’ll share easy office ergonomic hacks to lessen down the stress and fatigue during office hours. It will also increase your productivity. It can be tiring to sit in cubicles for hours and hours working on a project. Moreover, managing the challenges require awareness.

Also, work related injuries are becoming common as the dynamics of office has been changed over the time. Here are few hacks just for you.

Office ergonomic hacks

  1. You often subconsciously jam the receiver while talking on the phone between your neck and ear. It is very poor practice. You should avoid doing that.
  2. Keep the monitor at an arm’s length away. It reduces the risk of strain on your eyes.
  3. You commonly crane your head and neck forward while working. You should make sure that your head and neck is aligned with the spine.
  4. Do not forget to rest your eyes after every regular interval. Just like our body needs rest so does our eyes.
  5. Make sure that the weight of arms is always supported. If arms are not supported, the muscles of neck and shoulder will be in severe pain.
  6. Set up your workstation according to your needs. Moreover, these days the office hires experts for ergonomics as for reaping the maximum efficiency.
  7. Make sure your feet are not dangling while being seated. Use a footrest or lower the keyboard and chair.

These office ergonomic hack will help you to beat the fatigue along with maximizing your productivity. These are the sure shot ways to manage yourself with the constant changing dynamics of office. Not only these dynamics hamper your physical health but mental also.


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