Brown rice is considered as healthy. The milling process removes the rice’s bran and germs. " />

Brown rice or White rice: Which is healthier?

Brown rice is considered as healthy. The milling process removes the rice’s bran and germs. The shelf life of whit rice is increased, on contrary, fiber, vitamins and minerals are removed during this process. It is less processed than white rice. However, many people avoid consuming brown rice due to the popularity of low-carbs diets. This article will help you to choose what’s better for your overall health. Brown rice or white rice, which is healthier?

Rice is an important part of your diet across the globe. Health conscious people try to choose from a wide range of possible rice.

Brown rice or White rice

1. Fiber

Brown rice is rich in fiber. Fiber is known for providing relief from constipation. Fiber helps to lower the cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it assists in controlling blood sugar level. It nourishes the gut bacteria and reduces the risk of heart disease. It further reduces the risk of stroke. Also, people at the same time require low-fiber diet too. You should consult doctor before the consumption of high-fiber diet.

2. Kidney disease

The amount of phosphorus and potassium in brown rice is more than white rice. People with kidney disease may need to limit these nutrients in their diet. If the potassium level is too high it can further lead to critical heart conditions.

3. Weight gain- Brown rice or white rice

Calories and protein present in brown is more than white. In a recent study, people who consume white rice gain weight, whereas those who ate less white rice-maintained weight. Moreover, those who consumed the other maintained their weight regardless of how much they ate.

To sum up, both are beneficial in some or the other way. However, brown seems to be a better choice. Moreover, it depends from person to person as which diet suits them the best.


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