You all must be aware about the adverse effects of consuming sugar. If you are a health-consci" />

Is brown sugar better than white?

You all must be aware about the adverse effects of consuming sugar. If you are a health-conscious person, you surely are choosy while buying groceries. However, sugar has been a part of our lives since many decades. There are lots of articles criticizing ill-effects of white sugar, hence, making brown sugar a healthy choice. Today I’ll break if brown sugar is better than white.

Brown sugar goes through a different process as compared to that of white. There is hardly any difference between the two.

What is brown sugar?

Brown sugar is produced when the crystalline sucrose is mixed with the molasses. It is responsible for the brown colour and different flavour. It promotes dark sweetness to the baked products. Commonly produced in Brazil, parts of U.S, Europe, South Africa, Caribbean and Australia. It has more liquid and a fewer calories per gram than white sugar. Brown sugar contains 95% sucrose and 5% molasses.

Is brown sugar better than white?

Sugar is a contributing factor to obesity, type 2 diabetes and various heart diseases. It definitely has little more minerals and fewer calories as compared to white. However, the amount of minerals present in brown sugar are insignificant and won’t provide any health benefit.

The conclusion

Brown sugar is more of publicity device for the producers. To sum up, there is very slight difference between the two. If you are short of brown, you can always use white one. The aim to stay fit lies down on keeping a check while consuming sugar. Be it brown or white both will be harmless if consumed in moderation. Here are few simple tricks to cut down on sugar

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