Anger is normal and healthy emotion. When you’re caught up with atrocious anger, you tend to" />

Tame your anger with these tips

Anger is normal and healthy emotion. When you’re caught up with atrocious anger, you tend to utter words that might hurt someone. However, the anger will be gone sooner or later but the words spoken stays. Fuming anger can affect not only your relationships but your health too. Moreover, it turns out to be more problematic when it leads to physical altercations and outbursts. If you can control your emotions, you can control your life. You can tame your anger with these tips.

You control your thoughts and emotions, don’t let them control you. Your mind and body works for you. Use these tips to attain zen in life.

Tame your anger with these tips

1. Take a pause before you speak

We are likely to say something which we regret later. Hence, you should always introspect and think before speaking anything. Collect your thoughts and try to convey your thoughts diplomatically.

2. Smile

Even if the situation isn’t smile-worthy, try to smile. Your subconscious mind will process what you feed to it. It won’t question you. You’ll begin feeling relaxed and then you can convey your feelings.

3. Deep breath

One who controls breathing can control the mind. Take few deep breaths, use the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Breath in for four seconds, hold it for next 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds.

4. Walk around and stretch your body

Exercise can help to calm and reduce anger. Go for a walk and stretch your body, it will assist in controlling your emotions. As a result, anger will soon fade away.

5. Listen to music- Tame your anger 

Listening to your favourite track. Music is the best therapy one can take. Put your earplugs in and tune up the volume.

Anger management is the most crucial technique one should learn. Try to tame your anger with the healthy and natural ways, also, not by depending on pills provided by the therapists. Sometimes anger leads to anxiety and stress, here are ways to relieve stress.

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