World no tobacco day is observed on May 31 every year. This anti-tobacco day is held by the Wo" />

World no tobacco day

World no tobacco day is observed on May 31 every year. This anti-tobacco day is held by the World Health Organization. The youth has been attracted by the tobacco firms as they use well-resourced tactics to increase the sales. From product design to marketing campaigns everything is properly taken care of.

Quitting an addiction is not easy. Moreover, if you are determined to cut off a bad addiction which not only hampers your health but your mental health as well. Consumption of tobacco has been linked with the increase risk of blindness, heart disease, hormonal balance, lung disease and cancer. However, if you are well informed with the numerous risks involved, you should already quit.

World no tobacco day- Money spent on cigarettes 

In a recent study, more than 6 million people die from tobacco-related ailments each year! Moreover, that number will rise to 8 million by 2030. Also, the amount you are spending on poison could be invested in learning some skill or buying an asset, which would eventually pay you off. Even if you smoke 5 cigarette per day, you are spending Rs. 31,000 annually! In a study it was found that smokers earn eleven percent less than non-smokers. Many find smokers to be less attractive.

Around 80% of deaths in low- and middle-income countries are caused due to tobacco. Second hand smoke causes 6,00,000 deaths a year. What is more hard hitting is 28% of the victims are kids due to second hand smoke. Also, growing tobacco requires lots of pesticide which harms the soil and nature.

However, you can begin with keeping a check on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day and calculate the money spent. Try to cut down and eventually quitting the smoke. Also, you can educate the youth. It is high time that we realize how we are poisoning ourselves with such fatal commodity. 

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