Effects of smoking on mental health

The addiction of tobacco can be really agonising. All of us know the physical health effects of smoking, but very few of us know the effects of it on our mental health. The reason most of the smokers started smoking was to relieve stress and anxiety. Which is a common belief among the smokers. On the contrast, smoking worsens anxiety and tension. Effects of smoking on mental health can be distressing.

Smoking cigarettes engages with chemicals in the brain. Hence, when smoker does not get cigarette due to any circumstance, they start craving for it and makes them feel anxious. As soon as you light up a cigarette you’ll be relieved. The effect of smoking can be already seen by the anxiety caused when it’s missing.

In a study at the University of Pristina, 14% of those who smoked had depression, 4% of non-smokers had this condition.

As soon as you make your mind to quit smoking, you’ll experience that anxiety and stress levels will lower. The quality of your life will apparently improve. Smokers are much likely exposed to schizophrenia (serious mental disorder). They die on average 15 to 20 years earlier than those who don’t smoke.

Quitting smoking can work as antidepressants and will make you feel much calmer and positive. If you want to quit smoking, the only thing which will matter is your will power.

To sum up, smoking has severe effects on mental health and physical health. Smoking is more like you’re paying someone to kill you.


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