The coronavirus has been spreading like wild fire. Millions of people have been infected. Thou" />

Tips to Fly safe during COVID-19

The coronavirus has been spreading like wild fire. Millions of people have been infected. Thousands have been declared dead due to this deadly virus. The outbreak has caused lots of trouble in the past two months as various countries were locked down. Due to the fear of slipping in recession, many countries have decided to lift domestic travel ban recently. The aviation industry needed a boost. Here are tips to fly safe during COVID-19.

You need to follow the guidelines if you are travelling to another city anytime soon.

Tips to Fly safe during COVID-19

1. Practicing social distancing

The only sure shot way to keep yourself safe from getting infected is social distancing. Try to maintain distance in the lounge while waiting for the flight. Although, everyone will go through thermal screening and temperature check but for your own safety, maintain distance.

2. If you’re unwell, don’t travel

If you are feeling unwell due to any reason, it is advised to stay at your place. Moreover, you are putting yourself into the deep hole if you think of travelling. Also, if you are infected, you’ll not be allowed to enter the terminal. As a result, your ticket will be cancelled.

3. Cover up

Cover your mouth and nose with the mask. If you want to sneeze use your elbow. By this you’ll be saving your fellow travellers life too.

4. Wash/Sanitize hand regularly

This has been suggested a thousand of times now. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after regular intervals. Although, it is suggested to keep an alcohol-based sanitizer with you.

5. Upgrading your ticket- Tips to fly safe during COVID-19

This will surely cost you a little more but will guarantee you safety. Get your ticket upgraded to business or first class. You’ll be in less contact with other passengers.

Traveling will be a lot more different as it was. However, it is for our good and for our safety. Make sure not to touch surfaces in order to fly safe during COVID-19. India is currently relying on plasma therapy and it has been proved to be effective. 

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