17 useful medical idioms and their meanings

Idioms which are commonly used by the native speakers to describe health and illness related issues. Here’s a list of 17 useful medical idioms and their meaning.

  1. At death’s door- Very near to death
  2. Back on one’s feet- Physically healthy again
  3. Break out in cold sweat – To perspire from fever or anxiety
  4. A dose of one’s own medicine- Same treatment that one gives to others
  5. In a family way- Going to have a baby
  6. Nothing but skin and bones- To be very thin or emaciated
  7. Alive and kicking- In good health despite health problems
  8. Snake oil- Medicine of unproven value
  9. Green around the gills- Look sick
  10. Picture of health- A perfect example of health
  11. Take a turn for the worse- To become sicker
  12. Splitting headache- A severe headache
  13. Flare up- Beginning of a disease again suddenly
  14. Up and about- Healthy and moving
  15. In remission- A disease that seems to be getting better
  16. Kink in one’s neck- A cramp in one’s neck
  17. Go under the knife – Have an operation in surgery

To sum up, you can use these 17 useful medical idioms in your regular life to express your emotions. Living a healthy life is crucial, hence, we have curated 7 strategies to adopt healthy habits.


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