What is plasma therapy and how effective it is for treating COVID-19?

The novel Coronavirus outbreak continues to take down several lives. The fatality rate continues to grow daily. Although, many vaccinations are undergoing trials all over the world. India is dependent on the plasma therapy as the most effective way of treatment as of now. Here is information regarding what is plasma therapy and how effective it is for treating COVID-19.

What is plasma therapy?

The plasma in the body is a yellowish liquid which carries proteins, mineral, nutrients and hormones to different parts of body. Made up from 90% water, the remaining portion is composed of albumin, globulin, salts, fats, sugars, hormones and vitamins. Plasma makes up around 55% of the body’s total blood volume. The function of plasma is to maintain blood pressure by supplying proteins to different parts. It carries elements for our muscles in order to maintain proper pH balance.

How is plasma therapy helping to cure COVID-19?

Plasma in the blood consists of antibodies. It assists in fighting the pathogens created by a disease. Once they have fought against the foreign element, the blood cells collect the memory and stores information regarding it. Furthermore, when the body comes in contact with the similar pathogen, it quickly identifies and defect if by producing antibodies automatically. As you know there is no vaccination or artificial antibody developed. Hence, Those who recovered from the virus might have antibodies which can help others.

How effective has been plasma therapy?

One study, discovered positive results in five critically ill patients who had both COVIID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome. By the help of convalescent plasma therapy, all five patients recovered. In another study, 10 patients received the therapy. Furthermore, antiviral was provided. Hence, making it hard to determine. ICMR is still conducting clinical trials to find out how effective this therapy is.

The technique behind the donation

The blood will be drawn from your arm. Further, it will go through a special machine where plasma will be separated from the blood. Only the plasma will be stored and rest of the components will be returned to the body. As the procedure is bit difficult and more time taking that the normal blood donation. Plasma donation takes around hour and half. The plasma should be transfused into the patient’s body within 8 hours. 

Risks involved

The cases of infection are quite possible and there’s a risk of transfer of blood substances. It might also suppress the body’s natural immune response, leaving a COVID-19 patient vulnerable to re-infection.

To um up, more studies and clinical researches are required to gauge how beneficial plasma therapy can be. I hope it’s clear what is plasma therapy and how effective it is for treating COVID-19. Here are tips to protect yourself from Coronavirus.

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