Due to months of quarantine you must have put on weight. Cooking, eating and resting has been " />

Putting on weight during quarantine

Due to months of quarantine you must have put on weight. Cooking, eating and resting has been the schedule of most of us. The motivation for working out and walk still hasn’t strike yet. Although, there is no harm in putting on few kilograms. You are not the only one who is putting on weight during quarantine. The habits and routine have been hampered amidst the pandemic. As every situation has something positive deep down, similarly, during lock down you must not be eating out that high calorie not-so-healthy food.

However, we are neglecting how increasing weight is subconsciously affecting your mental health as well.

Will regular exercise burn calories?

Consistency and hard-core workout will result in weight loss. While, you must not be having equipment at home so don’t expect your weight to drop. Rigorous workout and walk is must if you want to burn calories.

Dieting to stop putting on weight during quarantine

Cutting down your calories has been linked with increase in cortisol, a stress hormone. Dieting not only affects your mental health but makes the situation more miserable during the pandemic. Here are five proven rules of dieting.

Tips to burn calories

1. Fresh fruits and vegetable can be grab-and-go snack. Not only your body will be nourished with essential nutrients also, it will help you to burn calories. You won’t feel hungry or even crave for something which might not be beneficial for your body.

2. Ditching fizzy drinks and replacing it with fresh juice will lower down your risk of heart attack and several life-threatening diseases.

3. Keep a check on your screen time. Munching and binge watching your favourite show might be fascinating. A study shows that munching constitutes to increase in weight.

4. Not getting enough sleep results in extra weight gain.

You shouldn’t worry about the putting on weight during lock down. Focus on your health and try to consume fruits and vegetables. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

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