Who doesn’t want to have a toned body. The process for achieving slim body is equally tough " />

Five proven rules of dieting

Who doesn’t want to have a toned body. The process for achieving slim body is equally tough but surely not impossible. Modifying diet can be helpful but on the contrary many studies suggest that diet success doesn’t last long and the person tend to gain weight back after 4-5 months. Hence, Why to spend money on dietitian when you can modify your diet on your own. Today I’ll share five proven rules of dieting.

Making your own diet plan will be more efficient. Furthermore, it will keep you motivated throughout as it is curated by you.

1. Plenty of water and sleep

These two constitutes and are very critical for weight loss. Water has zero calories. Drinking water will keep you full and will not make you feel hungry. Urge for munchies will also lower down. A study showed that sleep loss can make weight loss difficult. Plenty of water and sleep are two sure shot elements for weight loss.

2. Don’t skip breakfast

As you all know how crucial breakfast is as it’s the most important meal of the day. Your energy to perform activities throughout the day depends on the kind of breakfast you consume. Healthy breakfast like oats, cornflakes and breads are suggested with milk or fresh fruit juice.

3. Keep a track on calories consumed is a proven rules of dieting 

We all are blessed with smartphones and internet. Before you cook or consume anything you can just look up for calories the product contains. Counting your calories will make you realize when you need to stop and your preferences of what you wish to consume will change automatically.

4. Eat what you like in moderation

Most of the diet plans fail because it asks us to eat what we don’t like at all. Hence, we turn back to our old lifestyle. Eat what you prefer but obviously not something full of fats like junk food. The key to a successful diet is to introduce healthier yet tasty low-calorie food into your lives.

5. Exercise and workout’s a proven rules of dieting 

You must think that what’s the need of exercise since you are following a diet plan. Activities like walking, jogging and cycling can make you lose weight instantly when performed simultaneously with following diet plan. Dieting alone won’t make huge changes.

As a result, these five proven rules for dieting can make you lose weight once you are consistent.

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