Healthy meals to eat post workout

After hard workout session proper nutrients is required for the body. Body needs food in the form of energy. In fact, what we eat post workout is more important than the food consumed prior exercising. As soon as you crank out last rep, your muscles tend to deplete the glycogen. The meal you eat after workout will refill the energy, builds and repairs your muscles and boosts your metabolism. Today I’ll share healthy meals to eat post workout.

Drinking water or energy drink is also required for fluid replenishment. It doesn’t really have to be something complex. Plan and prepare your meal. Therefore, your body will appreciate a meal.

These delicious meals will provide nutrients required along with pleasuring your taste buds.

1. Eggs

Whole boiled egg is good to go. You can also scramble the egg along with boiled vegetables, sweet potatoes tossed with your favourite spices.

2. Peanut Butter as a healthy meal to eat post workout 

Peanut butter contains plant proteins, healthy fat and fiber. Sandwich is all you need and ditch the artificial sugared jam.

3. Chicken Breast as a healthy meal to eat post workout

Chicken breast is rich source of protein along with being Low in fat. The cholesterol is completely less than legs and wings. Poultry is a heart-healthy protein.

4. Smoothie

Smoothie contains Vitamin D3 and K which helps in improving bone health. Make smoothie at home with curd and further blending your favourite food. Topping it up with dry fruits.

5. Protein shake

Protein shake is a must post workout. 2 scoops of protein with half banana blended with water makes a perfect protein shake.

To sum up, these healthy meals to eat post workout to bring the best out of body. Once we fuel in our body, we will be all set for tomorrow’s workout session. Check out what nutritionists suggest for breakfast.


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