You must be thinking that most of the accidents takes place on road or somewhere else. Around " />

Household accidents and ways to prevent

You must be thinking that most of the accidents takes place on road or somewhere else. Around 45% of unintentional injury death happens in an individual’s home. Household accidents can be ruthless. We all have heard how safe our home is although, cuts, scrapes, burns and accidental poisoning is pretty common. However, you still underestimate the risk of injuring yourself at home. Today I’ll talk about household accidents and ways to prevent.

There are very simple fixes that can make you safe from household injuries. We are only more careful about certain aspects causing accidents when young children are present.

1. Cleaning the spills immediately

This is the most common type of house accident. Where there is spill of liquid or anything else, you should tidy it up quickly in order to avoid the falls.

2. Falling object causing household accidents

The objects on the floor can be another cause of a serious accident. Be it electrical leads or knife. Keep certain things out of reach in order to prevent accidents happening.

3. Choking causing household accidents

Toddlers can often put objects in their mouth and swallow them. Choking is fatal. Make sure things are kept at their places and not littered.

4. Electronics away from water

We all know how dangerous electrocution. In a recent report, Electrocution kills nearly 2,000 people annually. Therefore, it is suggested to keep electronics away from water.

5. Grab bars in restrooms

Elder people in family have much more need of grab bars. Washrooms can be dangerous at times, as anyone could slip due to excessive water present.

To sum up, your safety is completely in your hands. These were the common household accidents that take place and have resulted dangerous and even fatal at times.

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