Breakfast is almost a skip-meal. In contrast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." />

Nutritionists suggest these flourishing meal for breakfast

Breakfast is almost a skip-meal. In contrast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Increased productivity is similarly result of healthy breakfast. Beginning a day with a nutritious meal is a right step towards your goals! Our body is working 24/7 hence, requires fuel which is food. Skipping this important meal of the day will make you feel sluggish and lousy the whole day and as a result, we tend to eat more.

Finally, I present top 5 healthy breakfast!

1. Bananas

The most conveniently available quick and healthy breakfast. Bananas helps in the production of serotonin, as a result in combating anxiety and uplifts mood. It is filled with vitamin B6. Consumed with walnuts on top of oats is the meal you need.

Bananas for Breakfast

2. Peanut butter

This savory treat has 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoon which is rich in healthy unsaturated fats. It has also properties which results in weight loss. A slice of peanut butter on whole grain bread is good to go.

3. Eggs

Rich in protein and affordable meal. Full of vitamins A, D and B12. Eggs nourishes our body and supplies protein like bones and blood. A pair of hard boiled eggs if you are in rush. Protein also requires more time to digest as compare to that of carbs.

Eggs for Breakfast

4. Black coffee or tea

Fat free unsweetened tea and coffee are zero calorie drink. Caffeine is the element found in them which keeps you alert. Also, it reduces the risk of stroke along with reduction in type 2 of diabetes. Although, 500 ML of water in the morning keeps you attentive and productive through out the day.

5. Pancakes

To sum up, It’s a great option for breakfast and even lunch. Pancakes is a wholesome meal also good source for vitamins and minerals. Made with wheat flour and milk is loved by every group. Serving pancakes with honey is the most enjoyed breakfast.

Pancakes for Breakfast

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