Outbreaks are deadly and are capable to impact the past, present and future. Pandemics have ra" />

Top 5 deadliest outbreaks of all time

Outbreaks are deadly and are capable to impact the past, present and future. Pandemics have ravaged humanity, showing signs of termination of entire civilization. Also, an outbreak makes us cherish the beauty and resources nature has provided us with. We tend to neglect certain aspects in our life and take them for granted instead of being grateful about it. An outbreak can swipe out millions of people and can leave plenty of them sick. Here are top 5 deadliest outbreaks of all time.

Top 5 deadliest outbreaks 

1. The Black Death

Back in 14th century, from 1347 to 1351 it broke out. Moreover, considered as the deadliest plague of all. It swept out half the population of Europe. It furthermore affected Africa and Asia. The death toll varies from 100 to 200 million people. Ports at that time were urban centers. The plague jumped continents through fleas and rats living on the merchant ships.

2. HIV/AIDS Pandemic

HIV/AIDS reached its peak at 2005-2012. The death toll crossed 38 million people. Although, we are still fighting with it. It was originated in Cameroon and was recognized as a disease in 1981.  The majority living with HIV belong to Sub-Saharan Africa, almost 5% of the population is infected. Also, the vaccine for it has been still not found and people continue to lose lives.

3. Spanish flu

The flu pandemic was a disturbing and deadly outbreak. More than 500 million people were infected and 20-50 million people lost their lives. The factor which made it horrifying was that the pandemic killed completely healthy young adults and leaving those with weaker immune system alive.

4. Plague of Justinian

The Plague of Justinian was named after the emperor Justinian I who contracted the disease too. Although, he lived, many did not. Each day 5,000 deaths were reported. It left 25 million people dead.

5. Asian Flu- top 5 deadliest outbreaks

H2N2 subtype was a pandemic outbreak in 1956 and lasted for two years. Originated from China in 1956 traveled from Guizhou, a province in China to Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.

To sum up, Pandemic and Outbreaks have devastated our lives. It’s your duty to be safe and to take extra precautions.


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