These days medical costs associated with a treatment can literally burn your pocket. Poor life" />

Benefits of having health insurance

These days medical costs associated with a treatment can literally burn your pocket. Poor lifestyle, increase in pollution levels and several other factors have deteriorated our lifespan and health. Purchasing a health insurance is the best decision you can take. Moreover, you can reap plenty of benefits of having health insurance.

Safeguarding finances against medical bills is necessary. However, health insurance includes pre and post hospitalisation, ambulance charges and several other charges. Also, lack of knowledge regarding the policy can keep several benefits unused.

Benefits of having health insurance are as follows

1. Cashless claim benefit

This is the best benefit you could reap. Also, plenty of insurance providers offer cashless claim facility. It means the insurer and the hospital can settle the charges amongst them. Although, you might have to fill a form and display your insurance card to enjoy this benefit.

2. Free health checkup

Every health policy holder can claim for free checkups. Also, insures provide with free cashless checkups done at selective hospitals or centres.

3. Alternative treatment

Alternative treatment like homeopathy, yoga and Ayurveda are covered if the insured wants to opt for an alternative treatment. Although, the terms and conditions might vary.

4. Hospital cash allowance under health insurance

Additional finances are taken care of such as food and travelling. The amount of cash allowance depends from company to company.

5. Weight loss surgery

Moreover, these days many insurer cover weight loss surgeries for the obese patient fighting with medical conditions related to excessive weight. It is no longer considered as cosmetic weight loss procedure.

To conclude, the benefits of having health is big time advantageous. Buy a suitable health insurance and enjoy the benefits. Here we have listed self care tips and habits specially curated for you.

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