Should you go out for meal in restaurants?

While the government has provided lots of relaxations like going out to local markets, saloons, spa and, your favorite dine in. To revive the economy in order to save country from slipping into recession. But should you go out for meal in restaurants?

If restaurants are open doesn’t mean that you should go. There are several factors which should be considered before going out. How the meal is prepared, are the chefs taking care of proper sanitation and is the dining area virus free? While you are not really sure about all these aspects, you should avoid going out. Scientists are still looking for a vaccine, the curve has flattened in some countries but many countries are still on a rise.

Maintaining social distancing in restaurants is crucial not only for your safety but others as well.  Moreover, the food might not be the problem but the people you are coming in contact with can be active carriers of virus. Hand washing is essential in every health organization. Also, good hygiene is mandatory. The infection can enter the body through mouth, nose and eyes.

To sum up, Outbreaks are not easily stopped. Vaccine is must to put an end to it. Many aspects need to be taken care of while going out. Your safety is completely in your hands. Follow the guidelines provided by the government of maintaining social distance and hygiene. Ask yourself if you should go out for meal in restaurants. 


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