Heat rash, prickly heat or miliaria rubra is a common skin condition that occurs in hot weathe" />

Home remedies for scorching heat rashes

Heat rash, prickly heat or miliaria rubra is a common skin condition that occurs in hot weather. Rashes can be painful also they include raised bumps and irritated skin. Rashes occur when the sweat glands are not developed. When excessive perspiration takes place. The prickly or stinging sensation can be really troublesome. Neck, arms and near the groins are common areas as heat rashes often appears around skin folds. Here are home remedies for scorching heat rashes.

Home remedies for heat rashes

1. Cool shower

The quickest and the most effective way to treat heat rashes is stepping under a cold shower. It will soothe down the rashes and irritation will be gone. Washing the skin thoroughly can also unclog the pores. Since, clogged pores are the reason for rashes. Do dry the skin properly after bathing.

2. Aloe vera

You already must be aware of this magical plant. Aloe vera can treat plenty of problems. As it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can cool down the rashes and prevents infections. Apply some Aloe vera and witness its magic.

3. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes

Try to wear loose light-colored cotton clothes for proper air circulation. Cotton allows air to move through the fabric making it a better option as compared to synthetic clothes. Therefore, ditch synthetic and wear cotton clothes.

4. Fuller’s earth

Commonly known as Multani mitti. It has instant cooling effects. Fuller’s earth can treat many skin diseases. All you need to do is to make a paste out of it and apply on the affected region. Let it dry and later rinse thoroughly.

5. Sandalwood- home remedies for heat rashes

Mix sandalwood with milk and apply it as a pack on skin. It has properties to save yourself from the harmful scorching rays of sun. Due to the natural oils present in it helps to get rid of sun tan.

To sum up, these home remedies for scorching heat rashes have been proven to soothe the rashes down. Drop a comment and let us know if it worked for you.

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