The frontline health workers, researchers, doctors and scientists are investing their time to " />

How is herd immunity beneficial for COVID-19?

The frontline health workers, researchers, doctors and scientists are investing their time to fight with the novel Coronavirus. While we are still longing to find a vaccine in order to curb the spread of this deadly disease. Many clinical researches re undergoing to find the solution. From plasma therapy to hydroxychloroquine to herbal medicines and now herd immunity for COVID-19.

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity of community immunity is when the majority of the population becomes immune to an infectious disease and that way it stops the disease from spreading. Either the majority comes in contact with the disease and build natural immunity in response to it or people get vaccinated against it.

How does natural immunity develop?

The only way natural immunity develop is after getting contracted with the disease. As we learned in plasma therapy that our body tends to make antibodies against the germ. The antibody will deal with the germ before it can even attack you. It is still not the best way to deal with a pandemic as everyone has to come in contact with the illness. Therefore, in some cases the body won’t be able to fight against it, leading to death.

Does herd immunity work?

Like swine flu, it can help to stop the spread of illness but is never guarantees the protection. It isn’t a good alternative. In Norway, influenza caused less deaths between 2010 and 2011 because more population was already immune to it.

COVID-19 and Herd immunity

You are unlikely to catch the virus if you’re vaccinated. The scientists are working on the vaccine for it. As soon as we develop the vaccine, the population will be vaccinated. Hence, creating a immunity.

To sum up, the safest way to build immunity is through vaccine. Herd immunity through catching the disease is still not a feasible option.

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