It might be fascinating that after couple of months staying at home, you’ll be able to roam " />

Things to take care of when lockdown ends

It might be fascinating that after couple of months staying at home, you’ll be able to roam free. I feel sorry to break this to you that don’t expect life to return in normal right away. Coronavirus lock down restrictions are easing around the world. You must be eagerly waiting to hug your friends, grabbing meals at favourite cafes, throwing a party or even to board an airplane for any purpose. This all will be tough initially. I’ll list things to take care of when lockdown ends.

Once lockdown ends, you will have to take a lot more care of yourself than before, as the risk of contracting COVID-19 infection would be high.

1. Continue washing your hands

One good habit which coronavirus inculcated in people is washing hands. Practicing hygiene will prevent every kind of disease. Even if the spread of coronavirus comes to and end, never stop the good habit of washing your hands.

2. Avoid touching random surface 

You never know what you’re touching is infected. Try to touch random things as less as possible. You might get caught with Coronavirus. Virus can stay on metal objects like doorknobs, jewellery or silverware for five days. On wood for four days, cardboard boxes for 24 hours and on plastics for two to three days. Your safety is in your hands.

3. Don’t throw mask away after lockdown ends

Precaution is better than cure, as the saying goes. It is mandatory to wear face masks while being in public. You can make homemade face masks too. Continue to use face mask, sanitizer and practicing social distancing.

4. Don’t party out or even at home after lockdown ends

You must be craving for partying with your loved ones; however, this isn’t the right time yet. It is better to practice social distancing. Avoid parties, family function or dinner.

5. Avoid international visit

As the virus in pandemic also, it quickly spreads from person-to-person from coughing and sneezing. Going for international trip for any sort of purpose would be risk and quarantining yourself at an unfamiliar country would be difficult.

To conclude, turning life as it was shouldn’t be anticipated this soon. These are few things to take care of once lockdown ends.

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