Science behind washing your hands for 20 seconds

I am sure before the outbreak you must not be maintain this amount of hygiene. Everyone is careful about touching a surface and later thoroughly washing their hands. Due to COVID-19, you should be washing your hands several times a day. The scientists aren’t also anticipating the vaccine for it anytime soon. I’ll share the science behind washing your hands for 20 seconds.

The only measures one at the moment can take is maintain proper hygiene, social distancing and staying indoors. COVID-19 is spread through air in the form droplets which can be transmitted from an infected person to healthy. They can enter the body through eyes, nose or mouth. The germs of the virus can stay on an object for days.

Now, when you know how crucial washing hands is. You should make sure to wash your hands properly for 20 seconds.

Those 20 seconds will allow the soap to form a lather over your hands. Once the lather properly covers your palm, wrinkles, fingernails and between fingers, you are all set to rinse it with water. The molecules which soap has will make the insoluble viral molecules soluble in the water. Hence, it will pass through the drain. If you take half the time to do the same, it would not be effective.

The germs can be lying anywhere. Wash your hands almost after every activity. Make sure you’re not touching your eyes, nose or mouth. 

To sum up, I hope the science behind washing your hands for 20 seconds is clear. It is one of the best way to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.

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