ACT GRANTS is funding start-ups combating COVID-19

Action COVID-19 is an Indian start-up community which further are extending a helping hand to other ideas so as to fight COVID-19. They are looking for capital-efficient, scalable solutions and innovative startups. It need initial funding to fight against the spread of this deadly pandemic. ACT GRANTS is funding start-ups combating COVID-19.

What are they looking for?

They are looking to sponsor ideas which could further come together and assist each other in current situation. The ideas which help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus including digital, social distancing, contact tracing and education apps. They are also backing up ideas which include different testing protocols and multi-stage testing frameworks.   

Furthermore, the ideas that increase the availability of protective gear for healthcare workers, expanding the capacity of ICU, ventilators, oxygen supply, beds and ideas which support mental health are backed by Action Grants.

What’s the procedure to apply? 

There’s a form available, click on it. It will hardly take 10 minutes to fill the details. 

What is the selection criteria?

The following are the selection criteria

  1. Time commitment of team
  2. Readiness of service/product
  3. Scale of impact
  4. Capital efficiency.

How much grant you can get?

It totally depends on the requirement and impact assessment. Although, the size could range from 10 to 15 lacs. Till now they have raised Rs. 95 crores and have funded 27 projects.

Who is Behind Action Grant?

ACT is a collaborative effort led by group of members from VC funds and founders along with the support of partner NGOs and leading industry veterans.

Organizations which have ideas stemming, ACT GRANTS is funding start-ups combating COVID-19. The best thing about it is, the fund is purely a grant. They have no financial interest in your projects or company. Here you can gain more insights to ACT GRANTS 

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