Strategies to sharpen your child’s brain

Childhood is the right time for learning and boosting your child’s mind. You should encourage your child to invest into their brains as much possible. Good memory does not only help in curricular studies but can also bring out the best in your kid. Who doesn’t want their child to excel at everything. Today I’ll share strategies to sharpen your child’s brain.

Many children have symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which can cause trouble in sitting still, completing tasks at school or home and even following directions. There are plenty of strategies to sharpen one’s mind and memory.

1. Habit of reading

Start with 5-10 pages a day and gradually increase it to more. Reading everyday is necessary. Just like your body needs food to function, your mind needs knowledge. Reading is the most effective way. Let your kid pick the book according to his/her interest. Start interactive side-by-side, ask questions to make your kid think about it.

2. Learn a hobby

When the brain learns a new skill, it remains active and sharp. The hobby can be anything like baking, learning a musical instrument, painting or building model airplane.

3. Playing memory games strategy to sharpen your child’s brain

You can find millions of memory games on internet. Ranging from memory to cognitive skills, math and much more.

4. Solving puzzles

Crossword puzzle, sudoku and word searches are great exercise for brain. Spending 15 minutes on these games are more than enough. These games will force your kid to use their brains. Hence, making it sharp.

5. Never stress about things strategy to sharpen your child’s brain

You should encourage your kid to stay calm and relax during hard times. Stress damages the brain and send information to reactive brain which might lead to anxiety, anger or similar feelings. Train them to control their brain.

To sum up, these strategies will help to sharpen your child’s brain. Try these and see how your kid’s brain gets trained.

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