Walking daily is a great exercise which can offer various benefits. You do not need any kind o" />

5 benefits that you can reap from walking

Walking daily is a great exercise which can offer various benefits. You do not need any kind of equipment for it, only a pair of walking/running shoes is must. According to a study, walking 6,000 steps a day will aid in improving your health whereas, walking 10,000 steps will assist in losing weight.

Here are few benefits you can reap from walking daily.

1. Burning Calories/ Weight loss

Mostly, people put walking into their routines keeping weight loss as their main objective. However, losing weight by walk requires lots of other aspects or physics per se. These factors include walking speed, your weight, distance covered and a lot more. It is an inexpensive way to burn fat down. Be consistent and patient and soon you’ll reap the benefits.

2.Uplifts mood

Numerous theses have shown brisk walking can help reduce depression and anxiety as you are in touch with the nature, your mood will be uplifted and all the negative energies will depart.

3. Improves creative thinking

You must have noticed in certain films, during a crisis the actor starts walking while thinking. In a study, people were asked to think of new ideas. As a result, those who preferred walking and thinking had more creative concepts as that of those who were sitting and thinking.

4. Extends lifespan

According to a study by Mayo Clinic, people who walked fast tends to add 15 to 20 years to their lives. These findings also suggested that physical fitness indicates life expectancy better than that of body mass index (BMI). In other words, weight has nothing to do with life-extending benefit.

5. Boosts immunity

More symptoms of cold or flu are visible in those who had sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, those who walked moderately showed mild symptoms. Above all, it keeps you healthy.

Walking is a must. Start with 4000-5000 steps per day. here are some apps to count your steps. I hope these benefits are enough to motivate you.

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