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COVID Phase II Immunization 2021

After waiting a long time for about a year, scientists were able to find the vaccine for COVID-19. The government immediately supported their efforts and accelerated their supply. The India vaccination campaign started on January 16 and is getting stronger every day.

Vaccination Categories!

In a large and populous country like India, it is impossible to distribute the vaccine freely. Therefore, the government has decided to roll out the vaccine in several stages to better provide the vaccine.
The first phase, starting on 16 January saw the distribution of the vaccine to current health care workers, as they are most vulnerable to coronavirus at the moment. And, only if they are protected, the world will be able to beat the coronavirus quickly and effectively.

Phase Two, which starts on March 1, will focus on the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine to citizens over the age of 50 and those under 50 with comorbidities. The second phase of the vaccination campaign will focus on more than ten crore residents of the country.

How to sign up for a vaccine?

There are three ways to register for the drive.
• Remote Registration
• Offline registration
• Registration of Assisted Groups


Remote Registration:
Registration can be done on the website and citizens can register and book in our Arogya setu app. Our Arogya setu app displays all nearby coronavirus vaccine centers, both GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE. It also shows the date, time, and schedule of the immunization centers.

Offline Registration:
Site registration allows people who do not have Smartphones or internet services, to sign up for a vaccine. It can be done at any nearest vaccination center, government, and private.

Assisted Group Registration:
Under this institution, the government or the UT government will take the lead. Particular days of vaccination toward the novel coronavirus will be decided by which target groups the potential beneficiaries will be vaccinated. Government / UT health officials will ensure that target groups are collected and brought to vaccinations. ASHA, ANM, Panchayati Raj representatives, and Women Support Groups (SHGs) will be used to mobilize target groups.

Required vaccination documents: (ANYONE)
• Aadhar Card or Electoral Identity Card
• Joint illness certificate for citizens aged 45 to 59 years (signed by a registered doctor)
• Photo ID card specified at the time of registration if it is registered online

Vaccination Costs:
The vaccine will be charged at government facilities, and the maximum cost in private facilities will be RS 250.

Side effects of vaccination?
The covid-19 vaccine can have side effects that vary from person to person.
Arm: Pain and Inflammation
Relaxation: Fever, Cold, Fatigue, and Headache.
Negative effects will last for 24 hours. Side effects are common, in fact, they are a sign that your body is building up defenses. However, no side effects can be ruled out. Therefore, do not worry and get enough rest after vaccination. You should drink plenty of fluids and wear less and light if you have a cold.
In the event of side effects post 24hrs, you can consult a doctor.

How many people are vaccinated?
More than 12 million health care workers have been vaccinated so far, and India expects to vaccinate more than 300 million citizens by August 2021.

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