Coffee has been a savior to lots of people around the globe. According to coffee statistics by" />

Live a caffeine free life

Coffee has been a savior to lots of people around the globe. According to coffee statistics by International Coffee Organization, about 1.4 billion cups of coffee was poured in a single day. Clearly shows there are billions of coffee fanatics all over the worlds. The number constitutes to be 83%. Caffeine is legal even though it shows it can be addictive. Today I’ll share the reasons why you should live a caffeine free life.

Regular consumption of caffeine has huge effects on nervous system also affects metabolic, muscular and renal functions.

1. Low blood pressure

Caffeine has properties to raise blood pressure because of the stimulation effects it has on our nervous system. Quitting coffee will make your heart work even harder.

2. Uplifted mood

Many complain they feel lethargic until they have their first cup of coffee. Caffeine can change mood and you may even feel grumpy after caffeine starts to wear off.

3. Low anxiety levels after caffeine free life

It definitely promotes anxiety, jitteriness and nervousness. Coffee has many effects on the nervous system. By quitting coffee you can reverse the effects and you might feel less anxious.

4. Weight loss

There are tons of sugary beverages available. Hence, these beverages result in obesity. Unless you are drinking black coffee. A study suggested that a sugary beverage will cause people to consume more of the same as that of a sugary beverage without caffeine.

5. Better sleep after caffeine free life

Coffee before bed can be the worst decision ever. Your addiction can be affecting your sleep cycle. It can lead to restless sleep and drowsiness the whole day.  Caffeine free will fall asleep earlier as compared to the fanatics.

To sum up, coffee comes with benefits as well but for short term. It has disadvantages linked to long term. I understand the process of living a caffeine free life can be terrible but moderation is necessary.

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