Every year on 12 December, the world observes

Every year on 12 December, the world observes Universal Health Coverage Day. To raise awareness of the necessity for strong, equitable, and flexible health systems and universal health coverage.

UHC is based on the policy that everyone, everywhere should have access to quality essential health services without experiencing financial hardship. It is a goal that marks across all health targets. And is a light of hope for a healthier and more equitable world.

This year’s universal health coverage day theme prompts us of our most important precedence:
To stop this dilemma and create a safer and better tomorrow, we must invest in health systems that preserve us all.

Why Health for all?
There is a developing global understanding that universal health coverage is a bright investment and an attainable goal everywhere. World managers have shown that health is a human right, that no one should go broke when they get ill, and that universal health coverage underpins our corporate security and prosperity. Universal health coverage changes how health care is funded and delivered so it is more convenient, more equitable, and more powerful.

Universal Health Coverage proposes that everyone can reach the quality health services they need without economic hardship.

WHO: All individuals, including the poorest and most vulnerable.
WHAT: Complete a variety of essential health services, including prevention, treatment, hospital care, and pain control.
HOW: Costs allotted among the entire population through pre-payment and risk-pooling, rather than shoved by the sick. The entrance should be based on need and unrelated to the ability to pay.

The aim of universal health coverage is to assure that all people get the health services they require without suffering financial hardship when paying for them. This requires:

a strong, efficient, well-run health system;
a system for investment health services;
entrance to basic medicines and technologies;
an adequate capacity of well-trained, motivated health workers.

COVID-19 hit only a few months after world administrations authorized the landmark Political Declaration on UHC. Investing to stimulate efforts towards the success of universal health coverage. So that everyone can access the health services they require, when and anywhere they need them, without undergoing financial hardship as a decision.

This pandemic is examining our resolve to accomplish health for all and approaches to undo decades of improvement. It has interrupted the delivery of essential health services in many countries. Increased resource usage to the limits, and showed the result of decades of underinvestment in primary care and essential public health functions.

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