An overview on heart attack

When the flow of blood to the heart is blocked due to cholesterol or fat. It further forms a plaque in the arteries that feed the heart. Further, the plaque breaks in the form of clot which interrupts the flow of blood causing damage to the heart muscle. Here’s an overview on heart attack.

Without blood, tissue doesn’t get much oxygen and they further start to die. The south Asians are much prone to heart attack. A heart attack occurs every 20 seconds around the globe and fatality occurs every minute. A less common cause is a sudden contraction of a coronary artery that can stop blood flow.

Symptoms of heart attack

  • Cold sweat
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Inflammation
  • Tightness

Heart attack symptoms might vary

Symptoms depends from person to person. Some might have mild pain; others might have severe. The earliest symptom can be chest pain or pressure. Pressure is caused by temporary decrease in blood flow.

Overview on heart attack and it’s causes

Coronary artery disease is the reason behind heart attack. When the artery narrows up from building substances like cholesterol. The plaque can fall and spill cholesterol into the bloodstream. If the clot is large enough it can block the flow. Hence, shortage of oxygen and nutrients for heart. The consumption of tobacco or cocaine can be another reason behind this life-threatening disease.

Risk factor

1. High blood pressure

It can damage arteries which feed your heart. High blood pressure occurs due to diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.

2. Overview on heart attack related to Obesity

Poor lifestyle and high blood cholesterol level increases the risk of spasm. Losing 10% of your body weight can majorly lower the risk.

3. Age

It is a huge factor. Men and women who age 45 or older are on a higher risk to have heart attack as compared to those who are young.

4. Tobacco

Second hand smoking and any kind of exposure to smoke can be the cause.

5. Stress

Stress is the root cause of various diseases. Your body might respond to stress in a way leading to heart attack.

6. Family history

If anyone in your family had heart attack, you might be at increased risk as well.

7. Drug use

Drugs such as cocaine or Meth can trigger the coronary arteries causing heart attack.

 Overview on heart attack and it’s complications

  • Cardiac arrest

If your heart stops due to any electric disturbance causes arrhythmias. It can be fatal without instant treatment.

  • Heart failure

An attack can be so brutal that it can damage heart tissues, due to which heart muscle can’t pump enough blood. It can be temporary.

  • Arrhythmias

Short circuits can result in abnormal heart rhythms which can be fatal.


  • Lifestyle factor

It is always suggested to exercise and maintain a healthy weight with the help of a good diet.

  • Medications

Medicines definitely help in reduction of heart attacks and can help to help to heal the damaged heart.

  • Smoking

You should avoid smoking as it contributes to atherosclerosis. Smokers are highly prone to have heart attack spams.

Tests and treatment

If you’ve had heart attack, your doctor will recommend few tests and procedures.

  • Stent- A wire tube is inserted into the artery
  • Angioplasty- It opens the blocked artery by using balloon .
  • Valve surgery- The leaked valves are replaced to help the heart pump more blood
  • Bypass surgery- The doctor changes the route of the blood where there is blockage
  • Heart transplant- A transplant is very rare. When the tissues are permanently dead and the heart doesn’t function well.

To sum up, it is suggested to consult the doctor if you see the symptoms of heart attack. Also, I hope this overview on heart attack will be helpful.