The global vaccination drive is at full force since the launch of " />

Is it Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Women to Get Vaccinated?


The global vaccination drive is at full force since the launch of various Covid-19 vaccines. More than 3.5 billion doses have been administered as of today – the global rate at 29.59 million vaccines per day. However, complete vaccination is still a long way.

The reports of vaccine side effects and safety have left pregnant women & women who have recently given birth, anxious and looking for answers. This guide will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.


Are Pregnant Women More Vulnerable to Covid-19 disease?

 The CDC and MoHFW state that pregnant women are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than not-pregnant individuals.

  •  Increased risk of health deterioration and need of hospitalization.
  • Increased risk of preterm birth and neonatal morbidity.
  • Problems in breathing and high fever.

 The health governing bodies state that the overall risk of severe illness in pregnant women is rare, but the possibilities may increase.


Is Covid-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Women?


Health governing bodies like the CDC, WHO and MoHFW recommend vaccination for the above group when the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of getting infected by the virus.

 The CDC and FDA encourage pregnant women planning to take Covid-19 vaccine to participate in programs that will monitor their health and any ill-effects of the vaccine.

 The Indian Union Health Ministry and ICMR state that pregnant women are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination and should report any adverse effects to the nearest Covid health centres.



Vaccination FAQs for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women


Q) When should a pregnant woman who is already infected get vaccinated?

 A: If a woman contracted Covid-19 during pregnancy, then she should get the vaccine after her delivery.


Q) What are the side effects of Covid-19 vaccine on pregnant women?

 A: Some of the side effects can be mild fever, localized pain, fatigue and muscle pain.


Q) Which is the best vaccine for pregnant women?

 A: No particular vaccine can be labeled the best for pregnant women because the MoHFW has approved the following vaccines – Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V, and Moderna as safe for pregnant women. However, the WHO recommends a recombinant vaccine for pregnant women – Covishield is a classic example of a recombinant vaccine.


Q) Is Covid-19 vaccine safe for breastfeeding women?

 A: Although there have been limited studies on the effect of Covid-19 vaccine on lactating women. Global health governing bodies state that the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t lead to infection in lactating women, nor is the virus passed to the breastfeeding infant. Vaccinated women can continue to nurse their babies.


Q) Can the Covid-19 vaccine make women infertile?

 A: No, the Covid-19 vaccine will not make women infertile. Women looking to conceive can proceed to take their dose.


Q) What precautions should pregnant and breastfeeding women exercise before taking the Covid-19 vaccine?

 A: Individuals having a history of allergic reactions to vaccines should consult their healthcare provider before taking a vaccine. Similarly women with pre-existing conditions or diseases should consult their healthcare provider on the vaccine regimen.

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