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World Water Day 2021: Valuing Water

World Water Day is acknowledged every year on March 22. It endeavors to focus awareness on the global water crisis. Selves and organizations mark World Water Day every year by making an effort to tackle the water crisis in different ways. Water is one of the needs of every living being on this planet.

Water is the essential resource and the main component of Earth. It is extensively used for both domestic and industrial uses such as drinking, washing, cooking, etc. Earth is also known as a blue planet because of the hugeness of water presence. There are various sources of water such as wells, rivers, lakes, oceans, big dams, and streams but only 2-3% of water is fitting for human use.

World Water Day will concentrate on the theme, Valuing Water this year. This target will continue beyond the interests of cost to cover the environmental and socio-cultural value put on water resources. World Water Day, is about what water means to people, its value, and how we can protect this essential life resource.

World Water Day 2021 celebration:

You can observe World Water Day by following ways to conserve water in your daily routine. Here are some great and easy ways for the conservation of water

~ Keep the tap closed when not in use and don’t ignore any water leaks
~ Use the accumulated rainwater for various purposes as required.
~ Do not spread more water than necessary while doing daily duties.
~ Do not lengthen your bathing, have a quick shower.
~ Practice rainwater harvesting.
~ Visual art and musical programs related to water.
~ Educational and enlightening events on the value of clean water and protecting water resources.
~ Campaigns on rainwater harvesting methods.
~ A tour of local rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

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