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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Apples, Crackers, and Peanut Butter
For pregnant women, the most enjoyable bites like this one join things from at least 2 food groups. With fiber, protein, and salutary fats, you’ll stay full among meals. Spread 2 or 3 spoons of peanut butter over sliced apples and whole-grain crackers. Prefer natural instead of regular peanut butter, which has noxious hydrogenated oil. Work different combos of nut butter and fruit too.

Yogurt With Nuts and Fruit
Try for 3 portions of low-fat dairy every day, so you and your baby get enough calcium for strong bones and teeth. Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt, and it may be more filling. Plain yogurt has less sugar than flavored, but both are healthful. Spatter on 2 to 3 spoons of nuts for protein and fiber. Cover with fruit, like berries, diced peaches in 100% fruit juice, or raisins.

Chocolate and Fruit
Want chocolate? Good news: It may reduce your risk of preeclampsia, a condition that can cause high blood pressure and organ damage for some pregnant women. Match a little fun-size bar with fruit, or opt for chocolate-covered fruit, to keep your snack from getting too sugary. Chocolate pudding made with low-fat milk will boost your everyday intake and help grow your baby’s bones. Chocolate yogurt also has bacteria to boost your gut.

Trail Mix
Love fresh and tasty snacks? Try trail mix. The most suitable mixes for you and your baby have salt-free nuts, sugar-free dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Nuts and dried fruit both include fiber, which may help if you’re sick. Fresh dark chocolate has less sugar and more fiber, iron, and other minerals. Make your own mix at the house or buy a ready-made one. Some are marketed in single-serve packs, which are light to carry with you.

Start with yogurt or milk as a base for one of your regular servings of dairy. Fruit juice has too numerous empty calories. Then add bananas or berries. If you stir in fresh spinach or celery, you won’t even sense it, and you’ll add extra vitamins and fiber. A scoop of peanut butter gives you protein. Cocoa powder can do it chocolaty without getting too sweet.

Protein Bar and Fruit
Keep healthful snacks in your purse, desk drawer, and car so you can eat whenever hunger pangs set in. Protein and energy bars stock well, and they’re also nutritious than granola bars. Most have fiber, protein, and whole fats without a lot of sugar. Single-serve cups of preserved peaches or pears are delicious and fiber-rich, and they’ll be ready when you are. Make sure they are stuffed with 100% juice, not syrup.

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