Cardiovascular or Heart Diseases are the leading cause of death in " />

Trans Fats- The Tasty Poison

Cardiovascular or Heart Diseases are the leading cause of death in India. Trans Fats are a leading cause of this problem. In India leading consumer organizations have expressed their concerns to the Central Government. But,consumers should understand this in detail as well before we attempt to solve the problem.

Trans fats are of two forms — natural, these occur in a few animal products and aren’t the ones considered harmful. And Artificial, these are hydrogenated vegetable oils and have serious consequences for our health.

Trans fat is made from an industrial process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil. This causes the oil to become solid at room temperature by way of which food products to have a longer shelf life. It is common in most fried foods, baked goods and other processed foods. Trans fat increases the risk for heart attacks, type 2 diabetes while raising your bad cholesterol and making you susceptible to other non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

In India, large measures of trans fats in Vanaspati is used in street foods and bakery items as it is a cheaper than butter and ghee. A survey of street food in Indian cities found that 25% of snack foods had high levels of trans fatty acids.

Sounds horrific but what can we do?

With awareness on nutrition, we along with in our families can regulate the in-take of Trans Fatty Acids to the ideal amount, Zero. We all can add to the endeavors of the Governments and the World bodies by deliberately avoiding trans fats. Do not accept any incompletely hydrogenated oil for use at home and be cautious outside as well. This will require keeping away from cakes, desserts or other processed foods. For this we need to put forth attempts to read the nutrient value of food.

We need to assume responsibility for our well-being and we should strive to avoid anything which has trans fats. Every person must be aware about World Health Organization report and opinions. We really need to intentionally help this exertion by absolutely removing trans fats from our diet.


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