5 proven exercise to sharpen your brain

Having physical strength only won’t do any good. Brain is crucial part of our body. You must have heard about the saying use it or lose it. It is scientifically proven that humans leave most part of the brain untapped. Just like our physical body needs regular workout, so does our brain. Being intelligent is a quality which will make you standout. There are plenty exercises that you can do to sharpen your brain while sitting in your comfy bed. Here are 5 proven exercise to sharpen your brain.

All these exercises are based on evidence to strengthen your brain

5 exercise to sharpen your brain

1. Meditate

This has been used for thousands of years. Being in meditative state simply means being in present moment. Our brain plays tricks and wanders. Your job is to bring your thoughts to the current moment; hence, it is called mindfulness. The act of being present without any judgement. Many researches showed that meditation can improve focus and immunity.

2. Building vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary is a great way to stimulate your brain. It boosts your cognitive activity. It is beneficial to write down unfamiliar word, furthermore, looking for its meaning. However, it is necessary to use that word five time the next day.

3. Teaching your siblings

Teaching a skill or a language to your sibling sharpens your brain. Moreover, you’ll need to explain the concept and correct mistakes you make. It is the best technique to not only sharpen your mind also, memory.

4. Listen or playing music- 5 exercise to sharpen your brain

Music has been the best therapy for relieving anxiety and stress. Feel-good music can help to boost creative skills and brain power. Listening or learning to play music boosts your cognitive skills.

5. Try using non dominant hand

Switching hands while writing or eating will be difficult. However, it Is a sure shot way to sharpen your brain by making your non-dominant hand on work.

Sharpening your brain is the best thing you can do to improve your all-over cognitive skills. Bring these exercises in your daily life and enrich yourselves. Here is a list of super food to maximize your brain power

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