Hiccups: Why do we get them?

Almost all of us have experienced hiccups. Indeed, they are uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. Thankfully they are short-lived experience. However, most people experience hiccups time to time. They usually begin in lower body through diaphragm. We experience it when the diaphragm is pulled down and you inhale to let air into lungs. If something irritates the diaphragm, it makes you suck air into your throat. Hence, hitting the voice box,

However, if hiccups turns for a long-term you should talk to doctor immediately.

Why do you get hiccups?

Hiccups are common, there can be vast reason for experiencing them. Majority of the cases are after eating and drinking too quickly or too much. It could cause irritation in diaphragm. Moreover, fizzy drinks and alcohol can cause hiccups. Spicy food and smoking also triggers them. However, long-term can signify underlying brain problems like stroke, infection or tumors. If it lasts for months and years, it is indication towards something serious.

Complications related with Persistent hiccups


There are tons of remedies present on internet. Holding breath is common and effective short-term remedy. In most of the cases they go away on their own. Other remedies include eating something sweet, drinking cold water and leaning forwarding while pulling knees up to compress your chest.

To sum up, these remedies works in most of the cases. However, if you are experiencing and it has persisted for long then it is suggested to consult family doctor.   

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