During the pandemic, not only our physical health is on stake but

What is emotional intelligence and ways to manage emotion

During the pandemic, not only our physical health is on stake but mental health too. We are likely to ignore our mental health. However, most of us out there are unknown with the fact that our mind is powerful. One should be trained to manage emotional responses to the crises. The fear and uncertainty around us are crippling and making us choke. Hence, it is the right time to learn what is emotional intelligence and ways to manage emotions.

It is high time to be aware of and manage our feelings and make our way through them.

What is emotional intelligence?

The capability of a person to manage and control their and others emotions, influencing them. The five main elements of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills and self-regulations. Self-aware means understanding what you’re going through. Being aware about the strengths and weakness. Self-regulation is to think before speaking. Try to remain calm in every situation.

Ways to manage emotion

1. Acknowledge the emotion

Where most people go wrong is they try to avoid the emotions. However, acknowledging it and keeping your mind strong that you won’t let it hamper you is where you can change the game. If you’ll try to avoid, you are just setting a trap for yourself.

2. Self-talk

Most people consider it as the act of foolishness. Self-talk is a powerful tool to increase your confidence and kicking out the negative emotions. It will not only boost your confidence also, will motivate you. Be aware that self-talk should be positive. 

3. Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is crucial. People try to drain your energy. Always put your mental peace forward, don’t let anyone affect it. Limit your time with toxic people. If someone’s on your nerves constantly criticizing, just be thankful for it and let if flow with ease.

4. Practicing gratitude for increasing emotional intelligence 

Being grateful for anything and everything will change your frequency. Moreover, it will rewire your functioning of brain. One should be grateful for all he/she possess. Life itself is a blessing also waking up every day is truly a gift.

Once you begin to control your emotions, you’ll start winning in life. Use these tricks to manage emotions. Practice them daily to bring the best out of yourselves.

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