Raising a baby itself can be a task. You need to be careful about lots of aspects related to t" />

Tips to cut baby’s nails

Raising a baby itself can be a task. You need to be careful about lots of aspects related to the baby. Moreover, babies tend to scratch themselves so much. Have you ever wondered why they do so? Babies don’t really have control over their arms and legs until they are six weeks old. As the baby get older to interact with environment, the baby nail wears off naturally. Filing and clipping of baby’s nails is important. Here are tips to cut baby’s nails.

You need to be extremely careful while dealing with the baby.

Here are tips to cut baby’s nails

  1. Clipping them while the baby is asleep. Wait until your baby is sleeping. Start clipping in adequate light, baby won’t squirm or wiggle.
  2. Using baby nail clippers for trimming the nails. It is designed in such a manner which won’t harm your child. However, it is suggested to be mindful while doing so.
  3. Distract your child with an activity or a toy while doing so. The kid will be indulged in the activity which would give you a clear way to complete the task.
  4. Try to interact while you are doing so. It is good to converse with a child as he/she will start responding and forget about the clipping of nails.

Don’t freak out if you bi-mistakenly cut your baby’s skin Just press a cloth pad until the bleeding stops. Paronychia is a common nail infection for young babies. However, sometimes the infection can spread further in the skin or toe. All you need to do is to put a small amount of antiseptic cream or liquid on the nail.

To sum up, baby’s nails need to clipped as they can cause harm to themselves. Summers and vacations both are round the corner, I present you few strategies to save your kids from scorching heat

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