Treat ingrown nails at home

Ingrown are tricky to treat as they are prone to getting infected. Moreover, they are pretty painful. If the ingrown toenail has become infected, it is suggested not to attempt to treat it by yourself. This causes not only pain but redness, and swelling. It is quite common condition in both male and female. Here are tips to treat ingrown nails at home.

The reason for it can vary. Wearing tight shoes, cutting toenails too short or at an angle are few of them. Mild cases can be fixed by home remedies and in serious condition, surgery might be required.

Treat ingrown nails at home

1. Wear comfortable pair of shoes

The most common reason for ingrown nail is due to tight shoes. Therefore, it is suggested to wear comfortable pair of shoes. Moreover, during the healing process it is suggested to wear sandals or slippers.

2. Warm soapy water

Take lukewarm water in a bucket. Furthermore, Use liquid soap and soak your foot in the warm soapy water. Repeat the process thrice for at least 20 minutes per session. It will reduced the swelling and fasten up the healing process.

3. Antibiotic ointment

Consult your podiatrist and ask for an ointment you can apply. Also, Rubbing the antibiotic ointment reduces the chances of developing an infection.

4. Apple cider vinegar

It is common remedy for most of the problems. Having anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ability makes it popular. Add little amount of vinegar in warm water. Make sure to dry your feet thoroughly.

5. Antiseptic cottons- Treat ingrown nails at home

Dip cotton in antiseptic lotions. Apply those cottons on the infected area and leave it till your feet sucks the antiseptic lotion.

To sum up, the last resort could be removing the nail. Although, it is painful but the best method to stop from getting infected.

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