Stammering or stuttering is a condition due to neuro-muscular complications and inability to c" />

Proven strategies for a stammering child

Stammering or stuttering is a condition due to neuro-muscular complications and inability to control speech muscles. It is pretty common for a child between the age of two to five to face temporary stuttering. Although, these years are considered as crucial time for language development. In very rare cases, stammering can persist into adulthood. Stressing over something can make stammering worse. Here are proven strategies for a stammering kid.

The struggle to convey message can be accompanied by physical movements. Stammering can impact your kid’s psychology. Lack of confidence and anxiety are common.

What are the possible causes of stammering?

Neurological factors can be blamed for this speech disorder. In few cases, the language which is transmitted through brain has some problems. The most common factor is genetics. Hence, in most of the cases people who stutter have a close family member who also stutters.

Exercises to cure stammering

 1. Practice

Practice with someone whom you can trust and feel comfortable with. Sit and talk to your family member of friend. The other effective way is to join self-help groups, you can learn from them as how they are coping up. Furthermore, they can learn from you as well!

2. Talk slowly

Rushing through a thought can cause you to stammer. Start with talking slowly, take deep breaths and frame the sentence in your mind before you speak it. Gradually, speed up your speech.

3. Drink through straw

Drinking with the help of straw will assist your tongue to remain in a strategic position which is crucial. It is the best oral exercise to deal with the speech disorder.

4. Tactical breathing

Breathing from stomach will help your kid to calm down the nervous system, hence, relaxing down the body and leading to a clearer speech.

To conclude, stammering or stuttering can be really troublesome. Use these proven strategies for a stammering kid.

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