Meditation is similar to sports. Being in a meditative state is tough for a beginner to sit fo" />

How to meditate: A beginner’s guide

Meditation is similar to sports. Being in a meditative state is tough for a beginner to sit for hours and to think nothing. No thoughts should wander through your brain. In the beginning you just have to take a short chunk of time from your day to focus on breathing and your body. As we are amidst of the uncertainty, meditation is a great way to calm your mind and live a optimistic life. Here’s a guide for beginner’s on how to meditate.

On YouTube, you can find tons of guided meditations which will help you to kick start your journey to become zen.

How to Meditate

1. Find a comfortable spot

We are guided and supported by things surrounding us. It is suggested to find a dark and calm spot to commence the meditation session. Find a place at your home where no one will disturb you. However, it’s better you create your own mindfulness hub.

2. Consistency

You won’t reap benefits easily. Consistency is the key; the art of meditation is to achieve consciousness and see how things turn out for you. Better decision making, positive thoughts and you can literally control where your awareness flows. Hence, you have to be consistent, fix a time and master the art of meditation. Here are the benefits of meditating daily.

3. Sit or Lie in a comfortable position

Lying down on bed or sitting crossed leg. Do as you feel comfortable. It’s all about achieving the state of consciousness, hence, feeling mentally and physically peaceful.

4. Use guided meditation

I personally recommend using guided meditation. All you have to do is to concentrate and listen. Many researches have shown that guided meditation has lasting benefits for happiness, self-empowerment and radiant health.

5. Use headphones- How to meditate

You’ll achieve consciousness only when there’s no distraction. Use headphones to block noise. Invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

To sum up, These five tips will surely help beginners on how to meditate. Meditation and mindfulness is something which should be taught since childhood. It maxes out physical and mental health.

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