Technology has been boon for all of us. Having access to fast internet and smartphones has mad" />

Is telemedicine the future of healthcare?

Technology has been boon for all of us. Having access to fast internet and smartphones has made our lives convenient. We are just few clicks away to acquire any good or service. Furthermore, the significance of telemedicine came into limelight during the pandemic. The novel COVID-19 will change the future of almost everything. It is making a positive contribution to healthcare during the pandemic. Is telemedicine the future of healthcare?

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine simply means having a televisit with one’s doctor. You can ditch the idea of physically consulting a doctor. Patients can see the doctor from home through their smartphones, tabs or laptops. It can provide an alternative to the conventional preventive care and can improve the outcomes in the world. Limited infrastructure is another reason why it should be promoted more.

How it is a blessing during outbreaks?

If we take the current pandemic into consideration then telehealth is emerging as efficient, effective and sustainable solution to treat the spread of Coronavirus. This feature is helping to bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare systems. Telemedicine and telehealth is making it easier for the quarantined patients infected to deal with COVID-19. If someone wants to consult doctor, while sitting in a waiting room a person might catch the infection. However, it will also act as a boon for the elders in your house.

Is Telemedicine the future of healthcare?

It will continue to grow rapidly. Also, the technology becoming more sophisticated will allow doctors to treat patients by home. No longer the patients or doctor will have to spend time commuting, to go to their offices. Furthermore, doctors will be able to save several other costs. Virtual visits will be possible. Hence, telemedicine is the future of healthcare.

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