Indian Startups helping to combat Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has ruffled lives and economy brutally. While some are anticipating it as a biological war, other still continue to believe it’s not man-made. In the midst of the outbreak economic activities across the sectors have been put on halt. The International Monetary Fund has speculated worst economic downturn since the The Great Depression. However, there are Indian Startups helping to combat Coronavirus.

The Government and Private firms have joined hands to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Zoomcar

Greg Moran, the CEO of Zoomcar has ensured to ease down the emergency transportation woes during the the country lockdown. The self-driven mobility start-up is using the vehicles for healthcare professionals, workforce and delivery executives. Also, the vehicles are thoroughly sanitized.

2. Staqu

Gurgaon-based AI startup is leading into day to day decision making across domains. It aims to provide security, safety, compliance and understanding content to users. During the pandemic, Staqu launched a thermal camera which alerts the system if anyone has a body temperature of 37 degrees or above. Further, allowing authorities to identify the suspected carriers of the virus.

3. Haptik- startups helping to combat coronavirus

Founded back in August 2013 and acquired by Reliance Industries Limited. Haptik is an AI platform. Hence, it launched a WhatsApp chatbot to address the queries regarding the pandemic. Updating the number of positive cases regularly, which is verified from the Ministry of Health.

4. Bizongo- startups helping to combat coronavirus

A B2B company that deals with packaging design, development and procurement challenges. Furthermore, they launched a live demand supply platform. It claims to provide PPE kits services to hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, NGOs and other Healthcare facilities across public and private sectors.

5. Adverto

Jabalpur-based startup has made a live camera stream which spots person not wearing mask and flags it with an alarm and notifies the law enforcement to catch the offender. The image of person is also taken by camera.

To sum up, technology has been a boon to our society. The young minds are putting in their efforts by their Startups helping to combat Coronavirus.

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