Having dry cough can be really infuriating. Also, it takes a lot of effort to soothe your thro" />

Treat dry cough with these 5 magical home remedies

Having dry cough can be really infuriating. Also, it takes a lot of effort to soothe your throat from maddening dry cough. It can linger for weeks or even month. Cough plays a role in clearing out the toxins from the body. In this article you will get ideas to treat dry cough with these 5 magical  home remedies.

The reason of cough an vary from having allergies, infection and in some cases acid reflux or GERD. Asthma and postnasal drip can be another reason. Exposure to harmful toxins like cigarette smoke is another factor for long-lasting cough.

Home remedies for dry cough

1. Honey

Oldest way to cure cough is Honey. It is considered the best method to soothe sore throat. Honey is known as cough suppressant. It is more effective than OTC medicines. This savoury liquid can heal the upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, 2 teaspoons of honey can clear out the toxins.

2. Ginger

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in relieving nausea and pain. It can soothe the membranes in the airways, which could reduce coughing. It can ease a dry or even asthmatic cough. You can add honey or lemon juice to improve its taste.

3. Peppermint- Home remedies for dry cough

It has antibacterial qualities, also, contains menthol, which can help to numb nerve endings in the throat. It can provide relief from pain and less urge to cough. Drinking peppermint tea before going to bed will help to soothe night time coughs.

4. Gargling with salt water

1 teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water. Gargling several times, a day can ease the discomfort caused by dry cough. Salt water helps to kill bacteria in throat also, numbs the nerve ending. Hence, giving relief for few hours.

5. Taking steam

Make a steam bowl by filling hot water. Add herbs and oils. It will help to relieve congestion. Inhale the vapours for at least 5 minutes. If the steam feels hot on the skin, discontinue until the skin cools down.

To sum up, treat dry cough with these 5 magical home remedies. Most of the ingredients are easily available and will flush out the toxins. If you have a troublesome cold here are the home remedies to get rid of it. 

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