Reasons why sex education is important for teens

In many countries, sex is still considered as a taboo. Parents or even teachers do not prefer talking about it as it is considered filthy. Sex education might be offered in plenty of schools, but it needs to happen at home, too. It can be challenging topic but we need to break the old-school mindset. Teenage is very critical age, where one might be confused while making decisions or might end up making a poor decision. Today I’ll list the reasons why sex education is important for teens.

Children do tend to gain insights about certain aspects on their own. Research has shown that abstinence-only education doesn’t work.

1. Comprehensive sex encourages abstinence as sex education is important for teens

Your teen kid might mistakes when they haven’t been given accurate information about risks. They believe that they won’t be prone to sexually transmit disease through oral. When comprehensive sex education is taught in school, it encourages your child to make informed decision before participating in intercourse.

2. Comprehensive education doesn’t encourage teens to indulge in intercourse

If compared to abstinence education, none of them promote intercourse. It’s just a way of informing and educating teens about the risks involved. Furthermore, the curriculum teach how to tackle with the risk.

3. Stay safe and start safe as sex education is important for teens

A research suggested that teens who started using protection from the first time, they indulged in intercourse score higher on several sexual health measures as compared to those who don’t. Above all, they were also only half as likely to be infected by chlamydia or gonorrhea.

4. Educated teens know, when to say No

Informing about the risks of different type of sexual behaviour can help them to make well informed decisions about sex. The most effective program is that in which a teen is steered away from specific activities that indulge high risk.

To sum up, I hope the above-mentioned reasons why sex education is important for teens has convinced you. Your kid will learn what you feed to them. Here are 5 effective teenage counselling strategies.



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