Getting a fit body is everyone’s dream. While, you don’t really want to put much effort fo" />

Exercises to burn calories quickly

Getting a fit body is everyone’s dream. While, you don’t really want to put much effort for it. Binge watching shows and eating all day is pretty common these days. Adding some physical activity alongside would do wonders. Gyms and fitness classes are closed, getting another excuse to start workout once the lockdown ends. Although, you don’t really need equipment for burning calories. Here are few exercises to burn calories in no time.

All you need to have is motivation and consistency to get the body of your dream. This won’t only benefit you physically but also mentally.

1. Running stairs

A set of stairs is the only equipment you needed for this exercise. Running up a set of stairs helps to build muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness. An hour session of it can help you burn 900 calories. Start with walking up at normal pace and gradually increase your intensity. Although, walking is also considered a good exercise for burning calories. Check out what all benefits you can reap from walking.

2. Burpees exercises to burn calories

As engaging this exercise looks, the benefits are vast. As your whole body is engaged during this exercise, hence, this exercise helps you to burn 12-15 calories per minute! Stand with feet slightly apart from each other, bend down in squad position, put hands on ground between both your legs and then jump your feet backwards to get in push up position. Lower down into push-up and follow the same.

3. Skipping ropes

This used to be a leisure activity back in childhood. Back then you must not be aware about the health benefits one can reap out of this exercise. It improves the coordination, improves bone density and burns calories. You can easily burn 15 calories per minute.

4. Spot jogging

You don’t really need an open space to jog. You can do this in your room itself. Although, the calories burned during this exercise is comparatively less. Around 60 calories can be burned by jogging on the stop for 10 minutes.

5. Plank exercises to burn calories

Staying in plank position is the toughest exercise. Master planking with daily practicing. This exercise can burn the fat easily and quickly. Here are the benefits of doing plank every day.

To conclude, These exercises can help to burn calories quickly. Try these exercise and see how quickly you burn the fat down!



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