There are numerous types of learning disability, one out of them is dyslexia. When a kid is ha" />

Dyslexia in kids

There are numerous types of learning disability, one out of them is dyslexia. When a kid is having trouble learning to read even when they’re smart enough to learn. Reading comprehension, spelling and writing is difficult for them. Dyslexia in kids can’t be linked with problem with IQ. It’s hard for kids with dyslexia to outgrow but if the teaching approach and strategies are modified, they can surely improve.

Furthermore, dyslexia can’t also be linked with problem in vision. It’s more of an issue with language.

Symptoms of dyslexia in kids

  • Difficulty memorizing
  • Problems while spelling
  • Mispronouncing names and words.
  • Difficulty in reading out loud
  • Difficulty doing math problems
  • Problem learning a foreign language
  • Avoiding activities that include reading

Problems caused due to dyslexia in kids

1. Social problem

Dyslexia can often lead to anxiety and behavioural problems due to lower self-esteem. Hence, facing withdrawal from family and friends.

2. Difficulty in learning due to dyslexia in kids

Reading is a basic skill, the biggest drawback is failing to keep up with peers.

3. Problem as adult

This prevents a child from reaching his/her potential. Further, it can have major impact on economic and social life.

4. Higher risk of ADHD

Children with dyslexia are at a higher risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sustaining attention and impulsive behaviour makes it tough.

When to consult a doctor?

Majority of children are ready to learn reading by first grade. If your kid’s reading level is below what is expected for his or her age and also if you see any of those symptoms related to this problem then you should consult a doctor.

To sum up, dyslexia in kids can be very harmful for his/her life. It can have serious impact on the patient’s life. Here are few strategies to sharpen your child’s brain. 

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