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Top 5 redefining healthcare startups in India

The hustle-bustle of life and achieving our goals keeps us engaged. You tend to neglect your health which is most precious. Without proper health you can’t function. A wise man once said health is wealth. Start-ups have changed the face of our country. In this article, we will throw some light at promising and growing Health start-ups in India. Here is the list of top 5 redefining healthcare start-up in India

Healthcare sector is on boom and is rapidly growing. The growing start-ups are providing lots of service which were never experienced before. From online appointment to selling medicines and even online consultation. The healthcare system in India is evolving.

1. Practo

Practo has turned to be the world’s leading healthcare site. It helps the customers by providing with healthcare requirements like booking an appointment, ordering medicines and a lot more. Practo is a Bangalore based start-up launched back in 2008. It also has feature for users to keep a check on their reports.

2. PharmEasy

Mumbai based pharmacy platform launched in 2015 is led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Orios Venture Partner. The main motto of this online health platform is to deliver medicines with keeping efficiency in mind. Also, It lets the user to place order with minimum clicks. They have a vision to connect patients, pharmacies, doctors and healthcare centres.

3. HealthKart 

HealthKart deals mainly with fitness products and services. It has turned out to be the biggest medical E-store in India. You can find diabetes supplies. Medical devices, baby care products and nutrition supplements. HealthKart is Gurgaon-based company founded in 2011. It supplies 100% authentic supplements.

4. Netmeds healthcare start-up

Also known as ‘India ki Pharmacy’ is the biggest medical start-up in the country. It delivers healthcare products and medicines to more than 19,000 PIN codes through 24×7 mobile app and through website. Netmeds is projected to top $3 billion by 2022.

5. Nirmai healthcare start-up

The growing rate of breast cancer has left the country shook. Nirmai was founded in 2016, mainly focusing to save ladies from breast cancer. Nirmai uses thermal analytics and artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer at early days that too in lower cost.

To sum up, healthcare of every country needs to be top notch. A good healthcare system leads to better life expectancy. Hence, the citizens will be more productive. These were the Top 5 redefining healthcare start-up in India.


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